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2021 Cannonball 550 - Day 5: Industrial Hand Dryers, AA Meetings, & Trail Angels

(Note to readers - this entry is going to discuss things of a personal nature. I won't get graphic - but if you are a total prude, go ahead and peace out now.) I started the official Day 5 of the Cannonball 550 rolling out Oregon Trail Nature Park outside St. Mary's. I had just woken up from an hour and a half of glorious sleep on the hard concrete in the shelter at the park. I felt better now that I rested, but the itchiness that set in back in Wamego was increasing in intensity. And it was a targeted itch.  Let me take a minute to explain something to those that haven't bike packed or participated in ultra-endurance cycling. During these events, you are wearing the same clothes every day. Unfortunately, you don't have an opportunity to get yourself or your clothes very clean, most of the time. This is especially problematic in the summer when you are wearing bibs that have a giant sponge essentially in the crotch. So, you spend ALL DAY sitting on that sponge sweating

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